Dr Zakir Naik lecture – Qur’an and Modern Science

Dr Zakir Naik lecture – Qur’an and Modern Science

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Friends today in this article I will tell you what Dr. Zakir Naik said about “Qur’an and Modern Science” so let’s start. .. First Dr. Zakir Nayak started by saying.

Qur’an and Modern Science

it’s of allah subhanho wa taala to specially to an atheist who does not believe in God the first thing I will do is that I will congratulate that atheist and congratulate him you know why if you look around us he is a Hindu her father Hindu he’s a Christian mukha father as a Christian some Muslims are Muslim to God the Father the Muslim this person though he may be coming from a religious background he does not believe in the false chord which is parents attribute to so he does not believe in God I am congratulating him because he’s

accepted the first part of the Shahada the first part of the Islamic Creed la ilaha there is no God now my job is to prove in the law but Allah which I shall do inshallah to the other people I have to first remove the wrong concept of God and then prove the right culture of Allah subhana Allah you half my job is done we have already said Lila there’s no God now I have to prove in la la but Allah which I shall do inshallah you asked this atheist that suppose there is an object an unidentified maybe a flying

object which no one in the world has seen no human being in the world knows about his object if it’s brought in front of you and if you asked that who will be the first person who will be able to tell you the mechanism of this unidentified object they are asking the question who is the first person who will tell you the mechanism of this new object which no one in the world has seen after thinking for a while he’ll give the answer the person will be able to telll the mechanism of the first person is the creator of – that object

some method manufacture some major producer whatever they say don’t grapple with the word accepted it will be somewhat similar either creator or producer or manufacturer but remember what he has told you keep it in your mind then ask him the next question how did the universe come into existence how was it formed we will tell you by the Big Bang Theory tell him the Quran mentions in sari amia chapter 21 verse number 30 about the Big Bang Theory who could have mentioned this in the Quran 14 videos ago so he will tell you

maybe it’s afloat don’t like do with him next part of the question we did not know the light of the moon is reflected light we came know recently you ask him yes yes the light of the moon is a reflected light it’s not it’s own light when we discovered he will tell you recently yesterday 50 years back hundred years back yesterday in science you tell him the Quran mentioned that the light of the moon is reflected light 1400 years ago who could have mentioned that maybe somebody olive oil guess don’t
(03:05) argue with them continue we thought the Sun was stationary you asked him is it stage that you said no it’s rotating and evolving when you learn this he will deliver yesterday fifty years back hundred years back Quran mentions this for ten years ago he will hesitate but may say maybe some intelligent person wrote it known argue with him continue how was the universe initially what a celestial matter he will tell you it was smoke how did you come to know we have got proof we have got evidence you tell him Quran mentioned this fourteen years

ago who could have mentioned that he will hesitate don’t wait for response continue keep on posing question of the question wall that I give in the lecture keep on posing one question after the other that what a cycle how do we come to know about it Quran mentions 14 years ago about every living thing made from water who could I mention that Quran speaks about botany the male and female who could have mentioned that who is one after the other and asked the question who could ever done that then you tell

him that there is a theory known as theory of probability that if you have to choice out of which one is right the chances that you will make the correct choice just at random is one in two for example if I toss a coin it can either be heads or tails the chances that I will be right will be one in two if I toss it twice the chances that I’ll be right both the times will be 1 upon 2 multiplied by 1 upon 2 that is 1 upon 4 25% chance if I toss it price chances I’ll be right all three times 1 upon 2 Monday blabber 1 upon 2 multiply 1 upon

2 its 1 upon 8 12 and 1/2 percent a dice have got 6 sides if I throw a dice the chances that at random I will be correct if 1 upon 6 if I throw it twice the chance is that both the time I’ll be right will be 1 upon 6 by 1 upon 6 1 upon 36 this is called as theory of probability if I throw the dice twice and then toss a coin all three being right will be 1 upon 6 by 1 upon 6 by 1 upon 2 is 1 upon 72 so you ask him the chances maybe if you ask what is the shape of the earth there are various shapes some may say it is flat some

message triangular some may say it is hexagonal some may say pentagonal some may say heptagonal some may say square say they can be 10 ships some may say it is round it is fee Racal the chances that if anyone makes a wild guess it being correct is 1 upon 10 the light of the moon it can either be its own right or can be reflected light the chances that you make a wild guess and it been correct will be 1 upon 2 the chances that both shape of the earth and light of the moon being reflected light both being correct if you make a wild guess
it will be 1 upon 10 multiplied by 1 upon 2 it is 1 upon 20 what can the living creatures be made of some may say sand some message tone some will say aluminium some may say gold say a thousand materials who can name some may say water some may say silver a thousand material the chances that to make a wild guess and one of them being right about mathematics is one upon a thousand the chances that all keeping correct the spherical light of the moon is reflected light and every living creature created from water is correct will be one upon

ten Monday by by 1 upon 2 multiplied by 1 upon thousands answer comes to 1 up 120 thousand or point zero zero five percent Quran speaks about scientific signs more than a thousand verses in three verses the Chancellor comes two point zero five percent if you apply a probability theory to all this being at random chance it will come to zero or negligible and it max anything one in 10 raised to 50 its equal to zero so you ask very dear friend who could have written this the only answer I can give you is this first answer the Creator the

manufacturer the person has produced it that the only answer there’s no the answer what science is saying today is they are not eliminating God they are eliminating models of God la ilaha illaallah they are not eliminating God but models of God how ganses question . I’m frozen Amala my question is with regard to the evolution of Homo sapiens you have Charles Darwin in science giving an an explanation that it’s because of the process of natural selection that the human beings have evolved now this seems to be in

contradiction with the Islamic belief that we have we are the children of other male Selam now how can this be reconciled it’s a very point question no lecture of mine on this topic of Quran modern science is complete without this question I’ve given this talk in various places in Canada and USA in UK in Saudi never is this topic complete never is the questionnaires are complete without this important question of theory of evolution Charles Darwin since they posed the question how can you reconcile the Quran with Darwin’s theory of

evolution sister I have not come across any book which says fact of evolution all the books say theory of evolution there is no book I’ve come across saying fact of evolution if you read the book by Charles Darwin the Origin of Species it says that Charles Darwin went on an island by the name of color tropics on a ship named as HMS Beagle and there he found birds pecking at Mitch’s depending upon the ecological niches defect the big kept on becoming long and short this observation was made in the same species

not in different species Charles Darwin wrote a letter to his friend Thomas Compton in 1861 saying I do not believe in natural selection the word that you used I don’t believe in theory of evolution because I have got any proof I only believe in it because it helps me in classification of embryology and morphology in rudimentary organs Charles Darwin himself said that they were missing links you didn’t agree with it he himself said that there were missing links therefore if I have to insult someone that if you are

present at Darwin’s time the stereotype improved right time to insinuate that he looks like an ape it’s a joke we make the reason that this theory in most parts of the world they distort as good as fact you know what even I was in school I learned about Darwin’s theory and even today they thought you know what the reason his sister the reason is because that if you analyze the church the church was against science previously and you know the incidence that the senton is Galileo to that the sentence Galileo to death why because he

said certain statements in astronomy etcetera which meant again to the Bible so they sentence him to death for which the Pope apologized now so when Charles Darwin kept up with the theory which goes against the Bible they then they didn’t want any sufficient proof an enemy of my enemy is my friend so all this and this most of them they support the theory because it went against the Bible not Boogaard was true the only supported because it went against the Bible all the stages we have mentioned sister all the sages Lucy

there are four hominoids science tells us today therefore hominoids first is lucy along with its guide – telepathic s which died about ten 1/2 million years and I say then next came the Homo sapiens but they are about 500,000 years ago then came the Neanderthal man we died 140,000 years ago then came the fourth stage the cro-magnon there is no link at all between these stages according with PP Grassi in 1971 who has the chair of evolution if studies in Paris in the show John University he said it is absurd we cannot say who and

sisters based on fossils I can give you a list of hundreds of scientists and Nobel Prize winner who speak against Ivan study hundreds if you know of so Albert Georgie who got the Nobel Prize for inventing for inventing the vitamin C he wrote the book the crazy ape and man against that will say again if you read saw Fred for his work he wrote several books against Darwin’s theory if you know about Rupert’s Albert this person wrote a new theory of evolution against I will say it’s unthinkable we cannot think that we are created from

the Apes if you know of so Frank’s Alex Barry you are the biologist he said it is illogical to believe in Darwin’s theory if you know about white meat Servite me he wrote a book against I would say he was also a biologist several you can give a list of hundred today it is taught in the schools why I told you media in the hand otherwise there’s no proof at all there are certain proofs at lower levels an amoeba and lower species level am Ibaka and chain to paramecia Quran does not say amoeba cannot change a paramecia Quran

does not say if they have what proof can be possible it’s not against the Quran but there’s no proof at all people talk about molecular biology theories they talk about genetic coding I’m going to hand says Craig whose authority in this field he said it is unimaginable again if you do that ratio the probability of van DNA forming from ape to human being is again zero if I start calculating I think we’ll get bored again through the calculation I told you for one protein molecule it is somewhat similar from one

DNA it is not possible at all you know the theory recently that homosexuality is genetic and we read in The Times of India I thought surely the moment I attend the next lecture on Sunday in IRA I’ll be asked this question if homosexuality is genetic Hagen Allah blamers Quran speaks against homosexuality and I said that feed this is the theory wait till it establish it’s a theory don’t comment on that within the matter of span of the few months it was crude to be illogical and the person who propounded his theory that homosexuality

then it himself was the norm affections therefore I said I’m going to give my talk on scientific facts not on theories an assumption Darwin’s theory has not been proven we have not been cleared from it there are hundreds of scientists speak against that and Quran speaks against that also Quran says the first man was Adam peace be upon him insha Allah that discovered one hundred years afterwards or maybe thousands afterwards Preseli searched showing the human being have been created from one pair again it’s just a theory

it supports the Quranic verse that human beings have been created from one pair male and female it’s just a theory therefore don’t quote that in my talk insha Allah if you may establish with tears afterwards 100 afterwards then we know that Quran conciliate sat this part so far it’s not conflicting it’s not conflicting the established science at all for example if we end the program today with a short doer by Ashraf Mohammed II brother a sheikh mohammed ii tina fit dunya Hashanah will fill our

therapy husana working either when oh lord give us the best in this world and the best in the hereafter and save us from the torment of hellfire robbing a table bellman in acontecimiento Lee what a violin in the cantata were Rahim Oh Lord accept the service from us for you are all hearing all knowing and forgive us for you are often forgiving most merciful robbing a lot of alumina bada is a Daytona Wahab lana min ladunka roughness Oh Lord let not our hearts deviate after you have guided us and grant us mercy from you I mean he rabbul aalameen

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Dr Zakir Naik lecture - Qur'an and Modern Science
Dr Zakir Naik lecture – Qur’an and Modern Science

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