What is the Purpose of Our Life? – Dr Zakir Naik

What is the Purpose of Our Life? – Dr Zakir Naik

Introduction for What is the Purpose of Our Life? – Dr Zakir Naik ” So guys in this post “What is the Purpose of Our Life? – Dr Zakir Naik” i will Explain What is the Purpose of Our Life . So Let’Start .

What is the Purpose of Our Life? – Dr Zakir Naik

Alhamdulillah what salat wa salam ala rasulillah valley wasabi I mean I’m a baaad I also belong him initiate on a regime bismillah r-rahman r-rahim wa ma khalaqtu l-jinna wa l-‘insa illa li abdul miss miller of mine rahim allah cyclic almoloya de liya blue become a yakuman asana mala rubbish elisa dream western liamri maja looked at me lasagna Coco Lee the Honorable scholars speakers the respected viewrs and millions of viewers who are read this post ” What is the Purpose of Our Life? – Dr Zakir Naik ” welcome

all of you with the Islamic greetings as-salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh may peace mercy and blessings of allah subhana WA Ta’ala of Almighty God beyond all of you the topic of this last lecture of the last session of the last day of the 10-day International Islamic Conference peace the solution for Humanity is what is the purpose of our life how many of us have really ever thought in their life what is the purpose of our life how many of us have ever thought what is the purpose of our existence what are we doing here

via via let us start analyzing right from yourself I request all the people in the audience all of you if you have ever thought in your life what is the purpose of your life please raise your hand I would like to know among the audience how many of you have ever thought in your life what is the purpose of your life fine maybe I can see ten fifty maybe hundred hands an audience of more than hundred thousand that less than 0.

1% some may have felt shy to raise the hand so surely I can say less than 1% of the human beings have ever thought in their life what is the purpose of our life is it required that should we know what is the purpose of a life to help you let me give you an example once a man when he was traveling and when he came at a crossroad he asked the passerby where does this road lead to the passerby asked him where do we want to go the man replied anywhere the passerby answered then take any road it will make no difference imagine that traveler he had no goal

whatever actions he did whatever deeds he did it made no difference because he wanted to go anywhere and many of us are leading our life in the same way let me give you one more example imagine there is a builder who starts constructing his building and he lays the foundation and he digs a big hole for the foundation and when you ask him how many stories is your building going to be he said I don’t know how many square feet is the built-up area he says I haven’t thought of it the Builder has got no goal at all

once there was a man who told his neighbor your dog always chases vehicles and cars I wondered will your dog ever catch up with any car the neighbor replied I don’t wonder whether he’ll catch up or not I wonder if my dog catches up with the car what will he do the man who asked him will the dog ever catch up with the car he’s short-sighted the neighbor who was the owner of the dog he was farsighted even if he caught up with the car what will he do what is the purpose of this goal and unfortunately

many of us we are leading our lives same fashion just like the dogs we know people to graduation and you ask them why are you doing graduation and they don’t know the reason just because they want to be a graduate what will you do after you finish your graduation I haven’t thought of it yet most of us are leading our lives like that traveler or like the dog who’s chasing cars absolutely without a purpose many of us we copy goals of others without scrutinizing it when we ask a student why are you doing commerce so he will

Reply because my friend is doing commerce many people they emulate and they copy the actors the models without realizing what they’re doing once a person comes from the village to Bombay to become a millionaire and when the question was asked to him why have you come to Bombay so he gives a reply that I have seen Amitabh Bachchan in the hindi movie he’s a popper he comes to Bombay and it becomes a multi-millionaire overnight that is the reason we find many people coming from outside Bombay and they’re settling in

Bombay to become a multi-millionaire overnight and that very reason you find that the sums in Bombay are increasing many times we see actors and models they are brand ambassadors and they endorse certain products the other person who purchased a new car Honda Iten and when the question was asked by have you chosen this particular car Hyundai i10 so he says my favorite actor Shahrukh Khan he owns hand the i-10 I doubt whether Shahrukh Khan ever sat in hand that I attained except in the advertisement he may be owning a Mercedes or a BMW or

Somewhat similar I doubt whether he owns the i-10 you know Shahrukh Khan endorsed the watch tiger he’s a brand ambassador of the washed I do and we find many of his fans buying tiger I wonder what has Tiger got to do with the acting of Shahrukh Khan has that watch has that wristwatch ever helped him in acting I doubt whether he vote I heard before he became a famous actor also so these are the various ways the media promotes products and unfortunately we blindly follow goals of other people without realizing what we are doing imagine

Their interest who buys a textile factory and when asked why have you bought the textile factory he tells us that I have come to know that there is good profit in textile business then you ask the next question do you have a feasibility report he says no have you had someone to take care of your business have you hired a CEO chief executive officer he says no what is the percentage of profit you will make is I don’t know where will you buy the raw materials for he says I haven’t thought of it you sell your textile he says I don’t

know do you think that businessman will make profit in the textile industry imagine that the person who has a goal he wants to become the best scientist of the world what did he do he did the survey of all the scientists from the first human mean Adam peace be upon him till today and after doing a survey he comes to know the best scientist of human history was Isaac Newton and the survey was correct after that what did we do to become like Isaac Newton he starts growing long hair curly hair like Isaac Newton he was

Shoes like Isaac Newton he wears clothes like Isaac Newton do you think he will become a successful scientist such people have a goal but the planning is wrong they have a planning they did a survey of the scientist but the planning is wrong

How to Plan your Purpose of Life? – Dr Zakir Naik

outlet to end my talk by just summarizing in order to achieve the purpose of your life in different stages of your life do you have to see that you are towards the direction before I give these six points when people take admission in our school and only ask them when is the best time the latest time that you have to think about the future of your child many latest what your child will become what will you do when if they test many people reply when he goes to college some people say that nobody takes admission in school some people say no

when he takes that machine in kindergarten no one has given me answer earlier than that the Islamic way the latest that you can think about the future of your child is when you choose your life partner when you choose your life partner is the time you think what will you make your son . because the mother the father the parents they are the best teachers you have to plan only that the latest that you have to think regarding the future of your child I’d like to summarize the purpose of life and how a

Person should lead is number one that when you get education see to it you get education in an institution in a school in a college which caters to you for both the worlds baccarat in this world only the degrees of this world will not help you put him in a school which caters for both Acula and this world both and inshallah we started with the philosophy of having Islam international school and if I love is we want to expand more branches of hedge schools number two they should see to it that they have friends which also have the

same purpose of life their friends which is Lama when they grow up they should join organization whose goal an objective is based on Quran in Sahadi join Islamic organization but before joining organization check whether that organization is following the commandments one last $1 given in the Quran and the thing that the Prophet no Messala solemn number for when they choose the profession Allah says in surah al-imran chapter number 3 104 that let the arise out of you a band of people that enjoin people do it so good

and forbid them from doing wrong these are the ones that shall attain felicity Allah says in surah fussilat chapter number 41 verse number 33 woman has a new column in mondo Illinois I’m in a solid home Carla in aluminum sameen who is better in speech than one who invites to the way of the Lord works righteousness and says that I am a Muslim to the profession that will take him closer to Allah subhanAllah and there’s no better profession than the profession of spending your time in spreading the message of allah subhanaw

taala number five seated as a choose your life partner which has the same purpose same goal Allah and his rasul allah center and the sixth point i would like to end my talk by the verse of the quran from surah anaam chap number 6 was the 162 which says in nasa lotty Manu Suki mama Yaya o ma ma T malai rabbul aalameen all my prayers my service of sacrifice my life and my death are for the sake of Allah the Lord of the Worlds walker da van al hamdulillah rabbul aalameen . More Details

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